Why Socialization is Important and How Isolation Can Harm Us

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With vaccines rolling out across the country in large numbers, and many people posting pictures of their bandage-covered bare arms while proudly holding up their Vaccination Record Cards, it is easy to believe that things are returning to normal — and they are, slowly. Those who are vaccinated and now feel more comfortable venturing back out into the world are posting pictures all over social media of themselves out and about with their loved ones with beaming smiles, and you can visibly see the joy on their faces. …

I’m late to the party, but I brought booze

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I am a loan processor for a bank. I want to be a writer.

I want to be a self-employed writer, despite currently processing files for self-employed borrowers and seeing how much of a pain it is. Despite knowing the hard work involved, the time it takes to become successful, and the fear of not knowing if you ever will be. Truth is, all of those things are part of the process. And I’m ready to jump.

Working for others has risks too. It may present itself in a pretty package with a paycheck, 401k, and nice little cubicle to…

How to Slow Down and Just Be

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I have not had much rest in the past decade, or even the past two decades (I actually cannot really remember when I last felt fully rested). I have three children, who are now 12, 8, and 8 (yes, twins are harder than singletons) and I work a full-time job in mortgage. My immediate family is out of town, and I am not one to ever ask for help. Ever.

Nothing I do ever feels like it is enough and it is tough to keep up. Despite all of the responsibilities and tasks…

I'm in! I'm so excited for this! Thank you!!!!

Tears Help Heal the Soul

When we truly want to grow and become better people, we may find and utilize healthy ways to heal and grow, including therapy and self-care. They are good routes to take, but many people avoid them, as with them often comes pain. It can be easier to remain stagnant and follow pathways full of numbing agents, whether our vice of choice is alcohol, drugs, food, sex, etc. While stumbling down those pathways in a foggy haze, however, we forget how to feel. We become a shell. …

Life’s Joys Are Found in Adventure

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Comfort. It’s one of the biggest driving forces behind human motivation, and it’s mostly accepted by society as an acceptable motivator. People will go to great lengths — even harmful ones — in order to feel comfortable. If something or someone makes a person feel the slightest hint of discomfort, that person will likely shut themself off to or reject the cause of his or her discomfort. …

The Importance of Selflessness

Compassion, noun: sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

Compassion is severely lacking in our society. You see the shortages everywhere — from online bullies to a general lack of courtesy to the purely selfish “me” mentality that seems to permeate multiple aspects of our everyday lives. We all must realize that our individual points of view are not only NOT the ONLY points of view in existence, but are one of the BILLIONS of points of view in existence.

Rather than ridicule or deny the pain of others, we should be…

Art improves our well-being and keeps us connected

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“All art is immortal. For emotion for the sake of emotion is the aim of art, and emotion for the sake of action is the aim of life.” — Oscar Wilde

Art is one of the oldest and most vital forms of human expression. From cave paintings to technology-based media, art has existed in many forms and continues to evolve along with humanity. It is historically a part of every culture and a defining characteristic of the human species. Although it is not essential to survival, its impact is timeless. …

Technology Dominates Modern Day Life, But Is That Good or Bad?

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As a Gen X’er (those born between 1965 and 1980), I grew up alongside technology. However, life in the 80s and even the 90s was much different than it is now, and my childhood didn’t feel like it was dominated by all things electronic. We didn’t have cell phones, Google, or social media when we were young (much to the shock and horror of my kids). I didn’t spend the majority of my youth staring at a screen. I wouldn’t have grown up in any other decades, although that…

Tina Klugman

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